Features and instructions

  • The valve gate system can solve welding line issue by using the sequence controller to set switch timing for on and off of valve pins.


  • To individually control the opening and closing gate by a controlled mechanical valve pin of multiple gates within a single mold or cavity. The sequence controller can get rid of the welding line in the part.


Type Appearance Dimension
(L x W x H cm)
SC-A-105-02 23 x 30 x 20.5 7.5
SC-A-105-04 35 x 33 x 24.5 14
SC-A-105-06 45 x 33 x 24.5 19.8
SC-A-105-08 55 x 33 x 24.5 27.8
SC-A-105-12 75 x 33 x 24.5 31.8

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