Established in 1989, ANN TONG is a results-oriented, customer-focused and innovative Taiwanese enterprise.

Our vision is to become the most respected enterprise.

Our company’s strategy is to be a small size company but have feature with beautiful, elite, and strong. We hope to become a consultant company in the future.

2016  24th Taiwan Excellence Award.

2014  TAIPEI PLAS Award for Excellence in Research & Innovation.

2012  Excellent enterprise of New Taipei City.

2008  One of Taiwan's 300 dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises

2005  National Invention and Creation Award

2005  10th National Invention and Creation Award.

2004  11th Innovation Research Award.

2001  10th Taiwan Excellence Award.

Wooden Barrel Theory
the capacity of a barrel is determined not by the longest wooden bars, but by the shortest, as you can see illustrated. The wooden bars means the following items:

  • Delivery
  • Process and manufacture control
  • Collaborative design capabilities
  • Price and quality
  • Localize with customers
  • Innovation
  • Ability to solve problem
  • Customize of hot runner system
  • Communication and coordination
  • Capacity of serviceTraining skill

Track the development of hot runner system, from monkey to nozzle. Amold hot runner system is exist with a very strong innovation.

1. Mold-design consulting
2. Mold-flow-analysis service
3. Design of hot runner system
4. Hot runner system on-site assembly
5. Try-out mold support
6. Education and training