Features and instructions

This textbook focuses on case studies,
The course will develop a series of materials from 14 cases,
Step by step start to understand the hot runner system.
Pre-through the theoretical explanation and interactive experiments to solid foundation,
Later through case analysis will be discussed for practical exercises.

Curriculum Purpose

Let a beginner who could understand hot runner  from value chain of injection molding.

Curriculum Planning

  • Volume I
  • 1. Basic knowledge.
  • 2. System overview of hot runners.
  • 3. Heat sink and hot mouth.
  • 4. Design of hot runner system.
  • 5. The basic knowledge of heat transfer.
  • 6. Peripheral equipment.
  • 7. Hot runner installation SOP.
  • 8. Failure and countermeasures.

  • Volume II
  • 1. Hot runner mold design and processing process.
  • 2. Comparison of the use value and cost analysis of hot runner.
  • 3. Hot runner system design and product molding.
  • 4. Design and installation of hot-run system.
  • 5. Top side of the hot runner into the application.
  • 6. Mirror molding hot runner applications.
  • 7. Two-color hot runner application.
  • 8. Blowing and pouring blow molding hot runner applications.
  • 9. PVC product molding hot runner applications.
  • 10. Hot runner applications for high flatness products.
  • 11. Application of hot runner at the top of the large product.
  • 12. Offset Center Hot runner application for pouring.
  • 13. Application of laminating die hot runner.
  • 14. PC transparent thick parts of the hot runner applications.


Comparison between hot runner mold and traditional mold

PET injection stretch blow simulation motion

Installation of Multi - cavity Open Hot Runner System

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