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We provide fast and efficient solutions for micro-injection molding. We accept small batch orders starting from a minimum of 300 pieces. Our capabilities cover a wide range of product weights, from 0.0001g to 6g, and product sizes ranging from 1mm to 20mm. We can mold various thermoplastic materials, including elastomers, high-temperature plastics, and reinforced plastics. Examples of moldable materials include TPE, TPU, PP, PE, ABS, POM, PA, PC, COC, LCP, PEI, PPSU, and PEEK.

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Features / strengths

1. Medical Expertise:We possess an in-depth understanding of the medical field's requirements, ensuring that the design and molding of micro medical plastic components adhere to the highest medical standards. 

2. High-Precision Manufacturing:With advanced micro injection molding technology and precision equipment, we achieve high-precision manufacturing of micro plastic parts, guaranteeing consistency and reliability. 

3. ISO 13485 Certification:Our ISO 13485 quality process certification ensures that our products meet medical-grade standards, and stringent quality control is maintained throughout the production process. 

4. Cleanroom Production:Our production area is equipped with a Class 10,000 cleanroom, ensuring a sterile environment that upholds both product hygiene and reliability. 

5. Comprehensive Services:We provide end-to-end services from conceptual design to batch production, ensuring that each step, from initial design to final delivery, meets the highest standards. 

6. Mass production:We accommodate small batch orders, offering flexibility to meet customer demands and providing high-quality products within a short timeframe. 

7. Material Selection:We can mold various thermoplastics, elastomers, high-temperature plastics, and fiber-reinforced plastics, offering a diverse range of material choices.

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