Keys of the success for LSR molding


“ Flow balance” and ” Thermal balance” is the key for successful LSR injection molding.

Ann Tong industrial company is well known LSR cold deck provider with inexpensive price and match the above successful factors. Not only provide valve gate cold deck, but also provide 90% finished mold (User only need to make cavity core only). We also offer the thermal analysis to do DFM (Design for manufacturing) for reference.

The applications of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) have gradually increased due to its excellent property and weather ability. We provide the high performance LSR cold runner system and cold deck to the industries in the electronics and appliances, construction, automobile and medical products, etc. The common used products include pacifier, medical equipment, kitchen utensil, headset, buttons, seals and dive masks, etc.

In order to provide our customers a high performance and quick delivered LIM cold deck system. We put a lot effort to innovate the LSR cold runner system. From our experience, the use of LSR parts and insert molding process (plastic or metal with LSR) are growing up rapidly in the near future and requiring the flow balance strictly. Simultaneously, we develop the valve gate cold deck system with flow control that can be adjusted during molding process and easily getting a balance flow for each nozzle and gate.