Introduction of manifold system


We understand that manifold and nozzle are main components of hot runner system. An excellent hot runner system is based on well designed manifold and nozzle.

Manifold is main component of hot runner system. When it is heated up and reaches specific temperature, melt from injection molding machine will pass through it and be delivered to nozzles.


Single manifold plate

Single manifold type:Melt is delivered to nozzle by one piece manifold. Features of single manifold are simple structure, easy to assemble and easy to make. It is suitable for small part which require few gates. But there is imbalanced flow for unsymmetrical gate location.


Mutiple manifold plates

Another name for multiple manifold plates is DIY type manifold plate. Plastic is delivered to nozzle by two manifolds or more. It is suitable for the big part which has long distance between gates and requires five gates or more. DIY type could overcome the difficulty in manufacturing and transporting a big size manifold. DIY type also has benefit in flow balance and temperature control.