Introduction of hot runner system


With the development of plastic products and the increasingly fierce market competition, the price of plastic products are getting lower and lower, but the price of plastic material become higher and higher. For the conventional injection mold is not only a waste of manpower, material resources, also the productivity is not high. Therefore the technology of hot runners in injection mold for plastics is becoming more and more widely used, because the hot runner technology can solve this problem. However, the most important key point is we need to have the optimum selection of the hot runner system.

Hot runner featuresThe main function is that it can provide the plastic flow from the machine nozzle to the mold cavity by a precision control system. Through the temperature and sequence control system to the runner and gating (manifold and nozzles), we can get better part quality of plastic products, efficiency production speed and lower production costs, also complicated products is available. Compare to the car, the hot runner system is like the oil system within the car. A good-design and good-control of oil system, it can provide fuel-efficient, fast, stable, and suitable for a variety of terrain and climate.

There is no scrap generated in the molding process of hot runner system. The work of scrap recyclables is eliminated and the spent energy in recyclable is aslo saved. Crush process for scrap has on longer existed and no more noise is generated from crusher. Hot runner system is helpful in material saving, energy saving and noise prevention.