Amold Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) cold runner system


Amold LSR Cold Runner System is a valve gate system and installed in the mold. It will support customers to increase production and quality. The characteristics are as followings:

1. Valve gate nozzle:

   Direct injection molding onto the product surface, no slug, decreases the material cost and increase the profit.

2. Excellent insulation design:

    Analyze the cooling system before making cold deck and ensure great heat isolation effectiveness.

3. Flow control valve:

    Apply to multi-cavities and get flow balance to have the stability of the production and good product quality.

4. The modular design of the cold deck:

    Quick installation and easy to maintain.

Our application:

1. Medical parts and materials

2. Automobiles parts

3. Daily use commodities

4. Children’s meal utensil

5. Computer/communication /consumer water proof components (P+R or M+R)

6. Sports equipment

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